This is a bibliography of my “must have” resources on Ningyo. I have spent many hours lost in these resources. Everything, I have learned about the world of Japanese dolls is due to the expertise and largess of their authors.

Must Have Books

Baten, Lea Identifying Japanese Dolls: Notes on Ningyô
Baten, Lea Japanese Dolls: The Image and the Motif
Gribbin, Jill and David Gribbin Japanese Antique Dolls
Pate, Alan Scott Japanese dolls: the fascinating world of Ningyō 
Pate, Alan Scott and Lynton Gardiner Ningyo: The Art of the Japanese Doll
Theriault, Florence Antique Japanese Dolls of the Meiji Era

Must Have Magazines and Periodicals

Daruma: Japanese Art and Antiques Magazine

Must Visit Websites

Alan Scott Pate Antique Dolls
The Clark Center for Japanese Art & Culture
Japonic: Japanese Traditional Vintage and Antique Dolls Collection.
Jcollector – Fabulous dolls for sale.
Judith Shoaf: Japanese Dolls
Kyoto Traditions: Folk Arts of Japan
Lasie Exotique: Japanese Samurai Dolls
Lethal Beauty: Samurai Weapons and Armor
My Armoury: The Evolution of Japanese Armour
Pacific Asia Museum
Samurai Gofun Doll
Trocadero On-line Mall of Antique Dealers

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